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This is a new initiative for 2011.

Insite is a full colour Newsletter distributed and marketed directly to the architects.  It will provide an introduction of the ATS represented companies and their products/services, and opportunities for additional advertising. 

It will be:

  1. included as part of the Architectural Representation service (no additional fee).  Providing approximately 1/3 of a page for each represented Company to detail a prominent project utilising their product.

  2. providing opportunity for Companies, as well as ATS Clients, to promote/advertise on an inexpensive format to the marketplace that we visit.

  3. an 8-12 page full colour newsletter.

  4. distributed in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland, to approx 350 practices in each State.

  5. printed and issued to coincide with our 4 month call cycle. (i.e. 3 issues per year)